hprofile - dynamic profiles for linux: hardware configurations; network connections; power management; usage patterns...
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The most recent version of hprofile is version 2.0 beta2. I'll call it version 2.0 when it's been tested a bit more (and any bugs have been fixed, of course). What of version 1 you say? This was never much publicised, and hprofile 2 is much more powerful, so I think we'll just let that one slip quietly into history.

The tarball includes the three scripts hprofile, hpdet and hprunlevel, a skeleton /etc/hprofile directory and several sample profiles and rc scripts. It is highly recommended that you read the README file, which is also included, before you apply any profiles. hprofile will take a backup of any file it's about to overwrite, but it may confuse you and potentially render your system unbootable if you're careless with system configuration files.


Download the tarball and unpack it, using

$ tar xzf hprofile-{version}.tar.gz
(where {version} is a string describing the version number of hprofile). Then, as root, do:
# cd hprofile-{version}
# ./install
This will run the installation script, which will copy the three executable scripts from the scripts directory to /usr/local/sbin, and copy the skeleton configuration directory from config/hprofile to /etc/hprofile. If you want the executable scripts to go elsewhere, either move them manually, or edit the install script.

After installation, you should edit the files in /etc/hprofile/profiles to create profiles suited to your needs. Have a look at the FAQ for a quick overview, and read the README for a comprehensive manual. Also look at the examples, installed in /etc/hprofile/example-profiles to see how hprofile is configured on my system. These may be a useful starting point, but bear in mind that every distribution is different, so unless your system and requirements are very similar to mine, using these blindly could do as much harm as good, and may make you very confused!

Copyright (c) 2003-2004 Martin Aspeli